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Kavanaugh’s Rant and the Old Republican “Tu Solus” Trick — by Don Lazere


In his rant that was the defining moment of his confirmation hearings, Brett Kavanaugh charged that he was the victim of a political “hit” orchestrated not only by vengeful Clinton Democrats but by millions in “dark money” spent by “outside special interests.” (He didn’t speak the name George Soros, but the multitudes of right wing conspiracy theorists … Read more

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Turning Arguments Back on the Accuser, Senator Collins Evades Accountability

The Senate hearings surrounding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a potential, and now confirmed, Supreme Court justice have been a showcase for a number of rhetorical strategies employed to persuade the Senate and the public. One rhetorical strategy in particular, however, stands out—that of tu quoque, the strategy of refuting an allegation against one’s accuser by accusing the … Read more