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W(h)ither the Voice of Reason?

In the New York Times Opinion section (Sat, Nov 17), Katherine Mangu-Ward decries the sad state of relations between the White House press corps (also, the news media more broadly) and President Trump (and the US political establishment more broadly).

Her piece, “Trump and Acosta: When Showboats Collide,” is a masterpiece of bothsidesism. Not that Acosta is somebody whose … Read more

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Demagoguery: Why Liberal Mobs are Easier to talk about than Soybeans and Trade Wars

While right-wing talk show hosts and conspiracy peddlers like Alex Jones have claimed for some time that liberals are deranged and violent, the claim is now pouring out of the lips of a wider range of conservative media figures. Tomi Lahren recently claimed the average citizen who supports Trump is in danger. Laura Ingraham warned viewers about “marauding Read more