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Commentators from Latin America

The countries of the Americas share much common history: Indigenous peoples, European colonizers, revolutions of independence, global immigration, racial and ethnic diversity, natural resources, wild and beautiful landscapes, hopes for the future invested in education, young and experimental societies. We also share periodically troubled democracies and monied oligarchies who attempt to control the ferment of these newly emergent lands.

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The United States is No “Democracy”

The American system of government is routinely referred to as a “democracy.” Indeed it is a virtual stock term found everywhere in American public discourse. The Corpus of Contemporary American English, consisting of 560 million words from five genres (speech, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts) collected during the period 1990-2017, counts 1565 instances of “democracy” paired with … Read more

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Where can we stand?

Some days watching the news I am outraged and ranting. Other days I am overtaken with ironies and dark laughter. Often, I am cynically analytical. Occasionally, hopeful. Some days, even poised for action. Other days I am just depressed about the future of our democracy, our country, and the planet. But whatever I feel, little comes of it, beyond cusses, … Read more