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Talk of Anti-Semitism is filled with doublespeak and doublethink

Criticism of a government’s policies is not a  condemnation of all people in the country or all people who share ethnic or religious affinities with people in the country, even if the government claims it speaks for all of them.  It doesn’t speak for me.
Nor is criticism of a political pressure group that supports that government through financial means and other political pressure a condemnation of all the people the pressure group falsely claims to be speaking for.
How often do these distinctions need to be made? How often are there vigorous attempts to obscure them?
See the light shed on Ilhan Omar’s tweets by Ady Barkan’s confessions.

1 thought on “Talk of Anti-Semitism is filled with doublespeak and doublethink”

  1. Chuck, this is poignant beyond words. Thank you so much for bringing it to my/our attention.
    When I read about Rep. Omar’s comments and the immediate reaction from across the political spectrum (except the genuine left), I was both appalled and unsurprised. Though I had of course seen that kind of reaction many times before, I somehow thought it had been muted in recent years. Boy was I wrong! Though only telling the obvious truth about AIPAC, Rep. Omar got hit from all sides (again, except the genuine left) with the usual timeworn smear of being “antisemitic.”
    Turning to the reader comments on the NY Times, I was greatly relieved to see that most of the comments, from both Jews and non-Jews, were supportive of Omar.
    But, though very eloquent and informed, none of them matched the power of this young man’s incredible integrity, bravery, and eloquence. I’m just blown away.

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