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Daily Rhetricks: September 26, 2018

September 26, 2018


Today I received a clipping, dated 6/11/18, from the Santa Fe New Mexican. The article describes successful efforts by fire fighters to save a wildflower from the Tres Lagunas Fire in 2013. The flower, Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus, is known from only one small population surviving in a canyon northeast of Santa Fe. Entirely absent from the lengthy article is any mention, even any implication, that by far the most common cause of plant extinction is not wildfires but human development: agriculture, draining of wetlands for housing, domestic animal grazing, global warming, etc. The article even takes pains to note that the Tres Lagunas Fire was not caused by humans but “by a tree that fell on a power line.” Note that wildflowers are not among those buying advertising space in the New Mexican.

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