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Political-Religious Doublespeak: Medical care is both good and bad

This story is more than a month old, but the doublespoken-ness of it didn’t really register for me until just the other day.

As a State Senator, Mark Green (R-TN) voted against Tennessee’s expansion of the Medicaid program; he still resists the idea. Currently running for the US Congress, Senator Green made the comment below (click anywhere on the photo … Read more

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Daily Rhetrick: October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Why My Freedom is Better Than Your Freedom

This exchange on Twitter last week offers a keen insight into the way freedom is double-spoken on the right wing.



Slippery slopes aren’t always fallacious, so we’ll set that aside. We’ll also not dwell on the red herring that automatic voter registration in no way compels voting.

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Paid Protestors and Angry Mobs: Does a Double-Dose of Doublespeak Count as Quadruple-Speak?

About the “angry mob” of “paid protestors” “assaulting” GOP senators over their vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh….

Others have made two points I was planning to make about the “paid protestor” nonsense. Paul Waldman, in the Oct 9 Washington Post, mentions both of them at least in passing: (1) the GOP invokes the conspiracy, especially the connection to George … Read more

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The Guardian misses a point about Steve Bannon

Last Wednesday (5 September 2018), The Guardian‘s Jason Wilson published an opinion piece called “The consequences of Steve Bannon’s ideas need to be interrogated, not just his words.” Wilson is responding to an interview Steve Bannon did on ABC, during which he “sought to distance himself from the openly neo-Nazi far right, blaming their surge on the … Read more

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Open Letter: Please Ask Senator Graham How These Two Statements Can Both Be True

[Note: This post is the first of what will be occasional “action items,” or posts that are less about exposing/describing doublespeak and more about actively responding to it. We hope, if you read it and agree, that you’re willing to be in touch with news outlets and tell them you expect this kind of work from them.]

Dear Journalists Who … Read more