Please see our inaugural blog post for an extended treatment of The Daily Doublespeak’s mission.

In short, we are a collection of people interested in how language and other symbols are used in service of political aims. This blog was established by the Rhetoricians for Peace, an organization of rhetoricians, linguists, compositionists, and teachers of English dedicated to promoting non-violence. About four times a week we will publish a post by a contributor about something in local or national political news that can be rhetorically analyzed for its quality as doublespeak, propaganda, or other notable displays of rhetoric that serves political aims that help to foster violent and oppressive ends (see our second post on the origins and usefulness of “doublespeak”).

We hope this blog can illustrate how the tools of rhetoric, linguistics, writing studies, and other fields of study can help reveal the power of language in its service of political ends.

A final note: The opinions of authors on this site belong to their authors only, and do not necessarily reflect viewpoints of The Daily Doublespeak, other authors/editors that contribute to The Daily Doublespeak, Rhetoricians for Peace, or other associated entities.